by Zdravk​​​​ović ​Miloš

I believe that every person is born with the talent to express their thoughts and view of the world around them. For most it remains hidden somewhere deep within them and never sees the light of creation. I am fortunate to have been born with talent for drawing witch appeared very early in my life and was my ocuppation throught youth. My first contact with photography was in high school with fathers old Smena8 plastic camera and color film. From that very b​egining I was critisized for "ruining" film with most of frames on "world around" and only feew frames on people, witch was its main purpose. Soon after that I decided to shoot and develop my first black and white film and that was the point in my life when the passion for photography began. From that moment on, I swiched pen for light and I devoted myself almost completely to express myself through photography.